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Vodka is different from other spirits because it is pure with nothing added to mask the natural flavor. To create the best vodka, the finest grains and water must be used to impart a subtle, intriguing flavor. For Smugglers’ Notch Vodka, the grains are sourced from Idaho, where the combination of light alluvial soil, cool nights, warm days, and snowmelt water creates a spectacular growing environment. The water for blending emanates from the Mount Mansfield watershed in northern Vermont.

The process begins with cooking the grains to break down the starches to sugars. Next, the material is transferred into a state-of-the-art fermenter maintained at optimal temperature to ensure the highest quality wash. After fermentation, the wash enters a custom four column continuous distillation still operated by a master distiller. Following distillation, the vodka and Vermont spring water used for rectifying go through a multi-stage filtration process before they are blended to proofing specifications. The vodka is now ready to be hand bottled.

Our selection of raw materials, recipe, technology, and process controls allows us to produce a product of unparalleled quality with a hint of sweetness and smoothness found only in Smugglers’ Notch Vodka.