Bourbon Barrel Aged Rum


Bronze Medal
San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Double Gold
Best Aged Rum – The Fifty Best

Bourbon Barrel Aged Rum

Our award-winning, premium single-barrel extra aged amber rum offers an intriguing flavor profile. Aged for 3 years in charred white oak barrels, the process is finished off with double-aging in 4 year-old whiskey barrels to infuse complex whiskey overtones. Each barrel offers a subtly distinct flavor profile, a rum connoisseur’s delight!

Our rum is stored in a heated warehouse (think warm climate) unlike whiskey, which requires cooler settings for aging. The heat causes some reactions to speed up. One of these is esterfication.

Esterfication, a chemical reaction between an alcohol and an organic acid that is affected by time, temperature, and the components present, is an important process in developing the flavor profile of our rum. The lignin material of the oak barrels also contributes flavor components. Most of our rum color develops during the first year and steadily increases during the maturation process. Alternatively, rum esters form at a steady rate through maturation, melding the singular aromas and flavors unique to each barrel of rum.

This amber colored aged rum has an elaborate aroma with strong bourbon and oaky components. At first sip these full bodied tones stand out, and layered flavors of vanilla, toffee, honey, and sweet spice warm the palate at the finish.