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Blend No. 802 Gin

Blend No. 802 is a premium 88-proof true distilled gin hand-crafted in small batches. Reviewed in the November issue of Food and Wine magazine in a select group of “favorite new small-batch gins from around the U.S. dubbed part of an American Gin Renaissance,” Blend No. 802 evolved through over 75 different trial renditions created by co-owner distiller Jeremy Elliott and final selection by a crowdsourcing effort that called on the taste buds of over 200 Vermonters from around the state. Suspending a fusion of juniper berries and select aromatic botanicals in the gin still vapor path produces delicate juniper, citrus, spicy, and floral aromas and a long, smooth, velvety cascade of intriguing flavors. Enjoy on ice, with your favorite sparkling or tonic water and a wedge of lime, or to enhance that special mixology creation!

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Hopped Gin

This hand-crafted 90-proof gin is made in extremely small batches during which the alcohol vapors pass through locally sourced Vermont Cascade hops and organic juniper berries suspended in the column of our still.

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